FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BMARENA ?

BMARENA is a platform on which you can find several competitions amongst players for the football matches of the day or even competitions for certain leagues or matches or a big match.

How can I enter a competition ?

To be able to enter a competition, the first thing you have to do is to create your account click here to Register and click here to deposit.

What is the difference between BMARENA and a common bookmaker?

The difference is that on BMARENA, the opponent is not the Bookmaker but other players, so your chances to win are much higher. Basically, it is a competition between two, six or more players and those who get the best results win the prizes.

Are daily tournaments available?

Yes, there are always available tournaments which are completed within the day but also others which last a week or a month.

What are the differences between the available tournaments on BMARENA?

There are many tournaments available on a daily basis on BMARENA and there are differentiation’s in the number of players ( 2, 6 , 10 , or limitless entries ) and in the price. A big differentiation is the length of the tournament. There are tournaments which last a day, a week, and a month. Τhe profits depend on the number of entries and the cost of the entry ticket.

How much do I earn if I win a tournament?

The profits depend on the number of players and the price of the ticket. You can find more information about the profits and which places win on the right part of the platform at ‘info – prizes’.

What happens if a match is stopped?

If the match is stopped or postponed we apply the rules stated on bet365.

What is addon?

In the tournament details you can see if addons are allowed and to which extent in the certain tournament. With addon, the player can buy again playchips and bet on matches in order to claim prizes. The cost of an addon is the same with the entry ticket and the money are added on the profit tank.

Can I bet on multiple matches on single bet slip?

NO, the bettings are for single matches and for each match, depending on the price, there is a maximum amount of money to bet.

What are playchips?

Playchips are the things that you use to bet .Usually, in most tournaments the players start with 1000 playchips. In weekly or monthly tournaments the original playchips are 2000 and 5000 respectively.

Can I bet all the playchips in one match?

In every choice you make under the stake, you see a number which refers to the maximum betting for this choice.

What is P&L and how is it calculated?

P&L is your profit or loss after your bettings.

For the calculation of it you have to take into consideration both won and lost bettings.

If, for example, you have completed two bettings with stake : 500 and are both lost, then your P&L will be -1000 . If you lose 500 in one of them and in the other one you bet 500 with stakes 2.20 and you won then

You will have P&L= -500 + 600 = 100

If I haven’t bet all my playchips in one competition, are they added in my final P&L?

No ,everything you have bet is lost and is not added in your final result.

Is there the chance to have a negative P&L and win one competition?

YES, this can happen on BMARENA since if your opponent or your opponents have worse results than you then YES you will be the winner.

Can I see the bettings of other players?

You can see what each opponent has bet on one game a few minutes after the beginning of the match.

Can I enter a tournament if some matches have already began?

You can enter any tournament you wish as long as there are available matches and when the word “ close “ is not stated on the board with the tournaments.

Which payment method can I use to deposit?

You can deposit using one of the Available Payment Methods.

How fast are the deposits and the withdrawals?

The deposit and the withdrawal request can take place very fast in less than 12 hours.